Ladder Leagues (optional for members only)

Ladder Leagues (January – March)

Check calendar for specific days for leagues. 

We have initiated a ladder league for Fountain Hills Pickleball Members using a system called Trackithub (TIH). The goal is to have organized play with approximately the same skill levels, and to better utilize the available courts.

Through TIH, ladder managers schedule events, including dates, time, courts and players in each week’s events.

Each player is required to provide his or her name, email address, gender and player rating (USAPA rating or a Self-rating – a good rule of thumb is to rate yourself against a rated player, then assign a rating as to your playing ability), to their league manager.

TIH makes it very easy to sign up for an event. Players will receive an email that “invites” you to play in an event. Once you click on that, you will go directly to the TIH site, where you can “click to register”. Once you do that, you’re registered to play in that event. Registration is required for each week’s event.

NOTE: The ladder manager will set up the time that registration opens, closes and the time period for cancellation. Generally, registration will open 5-6 days before the actual event, and closes the day before the scheduled event (usually closes 24hrs before the event). However, each manger set’s their own parameters. Cancellations usually close the same time that the registration closes. Any cancellation after that, are subject to the “No Shows” referenced below.

Ladder managers will enter scores into TIH after the event. Individual players can log into TIH at to view the event score sheets and track their percentages.

Please NOTE: Managers and Players each have a responsibility in this system. Players should not expect managers to “sign them up” each week. That is the players responsibility.


TIH Trackithub
Men's 3.5 Coordinator
Women's 3.0 Coordinator
Margaret Ennis
Mixed Doubles 3.0 to 3.5 Coordinator

Schedules and Contact Information

Men’s 3.5+

Women’s 3.0+

Mixed Doubles 3.0 – 3.5

Fee: Nonrefundable $10 Cash/Check made out to Fountain Hills PickleBall Club (The league is open to Fountain Hills Pickleball Club Members only.)

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Payment Form


  • Doubles Ladder – you do not need a partner
  • The format is designed so that players mostly play others of similar skill level. The ranking is based on the winning percentage (ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning percentage.
  • Each week, players will be placed in groups of 4 or 5 in the order of their ranking on the ladder for match play round robin fashion. Groups of 4 will play three games to 15 win by 1. Groups of 5 will be five games to 11 win by 1, each player will have one bye.
  • At the start of the game, players will decide who starts serving first and choice of side. Players change ends of the court when one side has reached 8 points in games of 15 and 6 points in games of 11 to minimize the effects of the sun and wind or other factors that may affect play. Missed matches are not made up.
  • The percentages are based only on the matches that are actually played. After each game, players record their scores on the score sheet. When scores are entered into the program by the manager, standings are automatically posted on the ladder page of the website.

No Shows

  • If you are a “No Show” (leaving players without a match), and you have failed to notify the ladder manager, a first time offense will be a two-week suspension from the Ladder League and a second offense will result in league dismissal.