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December 10, 2010:  Christmas Cheer at the home of Fred and Claire Keyworth.  Happy Holidays!
(Photographer:  Claire Keyworth)2010 Holiday Party at home of Fred and Claire Keyworth

December 5, 2010:  Bill and Jim Langham, Gail Gilbreath, Greg Woo, Nancy Hadaway, and Claire Keyworth gave a pickleball demonstration to 23 inmates housed at the Phoenix Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) off 1-17.  The invitation followed a presentation in September for the Arizona Conference for Parks and Recreation when a corrections officer in attendance requested a demonstration at his facility.  The reception at the prison was welcoming and most enthusiastic.  The inmates were energetic players who learned the game quickly and invited us to return for an in-house tournament.  It was a most positive experience for the 6 attendees.
 Phoenix Federal Correctional Institution

October 30, 2010:  Club members put on a pickleball demonstration for the Scottsdale Athletic Club (SAC) located at 8225 E. Indian Bend.  SAC is in the process of setting up a dedicated pickleball court at their facility.  John Koestner organized the event and narrated the ins and outs of pickleball as players demonstrated Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.  Players were:  Joan Craft, Nancy Hadaway, Judi Axlund, Gail Gilbreath, Carol Pletz, Claire Keyworth, Michael Marsello, Vince Marsello, Bill Langham, and Jim Langham.  Greg Woo, John Craft, and Laura Wellander were present to lend support.  Thanks to all.

October 20, 2010:  Our Pickleball Club participated in the Volunteer & Club Expo at the Fountain Hills Community Center.  A pickleball DVD was used to show attendees how the game is played.  Club ambassadors were:  Judi Axlund, Suzi Hetland, Joan Craft, Gail Gilbreath, Claire Keyworth and Greg Woo.  Thank you all for your help!
 Suzi Hetlund, Greg Woo, Claire Keyworth, Judi Axlund, Gail Gilbreath

September 24-25, 2010:  Fountain Hills Pickleball Club members donated time to help out the Oktoberfest celebration at Fountain Park, sponsored in part by the Town of Fountain Hills.
(Photographer:  Greg Woo)Cheryl Bredehoeft, Carol Pletz, John Pletz, Michelle Spungen, Craig Spungen

September 18, 2010:  Fountain Hills Pickleball Club volunteers for KaBOOM! National Play Day
 KaBoom Play Day volunteers

September 2, 2010:  Claire Keyworth and Greg Woo attended the Arizona Parks & Recreation Association's 60th Annual Conference and presented the merits of pickleball to attendees.  They obviously did a GREAT job because they have been asked to demonstrate the game at the Phoenix Federal Correctional Institution in December.

July 10, 2010:  Judi Axlund and Gail Gilbreath are collecting tournament medals in the state of Washington!  Check out their wins.

May 2010: 
Greening of DowntownThe Club donated money to the Greening of Downtown, a Fountain Hills project that will add more planted trees to FH Fountain Park.  Our "leaf" is displayed on a kiosk by the fountain.  Thank you, Club Members, for your continued support of our community.  (Scroll down to see our leaf.)(Photographer:  Claire Keyworth)

Greening of Downtown - Leaf

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