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November 19, 2011:  A perfect day for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate our new courts!  It was great that two of our town council members were in attendance, Ginny Dickey and Cassie Hansen.  Both said it was such fun.  Bryan Hughes, our steadfast Parks & Recreation partner for getting things done, came and assisted in the ribbon cutting.  The best part was the wonderful participation from so many of our club members coming from Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Lehigh, and Gilbert...and, of course, Fountain Hills. A magnitude of thanks to all club members--you are the best group with your support, enthusiasm, and love of the game.

Thanks to the following folks:  Judi Axlund (with some help from Suzi Hetland)for her wonderful cranberry scones and yummy cake pops in the shape of pickleballs and other great cooks with all their low calorie delights.  Danny Gallichio, John Koestner, Judi Axlund and Ruth Rosenquist for demonstrating the game to our guests.  Carol Pletz who procured the scissors and blue bow.  Greg Woo who organized the canopy and parking space and offered the toast of thanks.  Wanda Laloggia, who with her trusty camera, took candid photos for posting on Facebook. Early birds Dick Wagner, Judi Axlund, Joe Nelson and Greg Woo, who were there to set up, and to the clean up crew Dolly Emerson, Martha Weaver, Nancy Hadaway, and Judi Axlund.  Lastly, thanks to Joan Craft who led the initial organizational effort and pulled it all together.  Thank you, thank you, one and all!

Ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate new courts

September 24, 2011:  A word of thanks to the volunteers who assisted with the KaBOOM! 2011 National Play Day.  They are:  Carol Wood, John & Carol Pletz, Deb Harrison, Dutch Vanderlaan, Suzi Hetland, and Claire Keyworth. Four youngsters under the age of 10 and four adults were introduced to the fun of pickleball.

Belle Kelso, Pierce Kelso, Teryn Dean and Noelle Dean learn pickleball from coach Suzi Hetland. (Photographer: Claire Keyworth)  KaBOOOM! 2011 National Play Day

September 17, 2011:  Inaugural play on our BEAUTIFUL new courts!

(Photographer:  Greg Woo) Inaugural play on our beatiful new courts!

(Photographer:  Greg Woo) Our beautiful new courts, September 2011!

April 20, 2011:  Parks & Recreation recognized Claire Keyworth as their 2011 Outstanding Recreation Volunteer at the annual Town of Fountain Hills Volunteer Reception.  A contingency of club members was in attendance to cheer for Claire when she was introduced to the audience by Recreation Supervisor Bryan Hughes.  

After the official festivities ended, John Craft, on behalf of the Fountain Hills Pickleball Club, presented both Claire and Greg Woo with a token of the club's appreciation for their untiring efforts for the benefit of the club.  Thank you, Claire & Greg, for all you do for our community and our club!

Bryan Hughes and Claire Keyworth (Photographer:  Greg Woo)  Bryan Hughes and Claire Keyworth

April 13, 2011:  Pickleball gives back. Claire Keyworth, representing the Fountain Hills Pickleball Club, dropped by the April 13 FHUSD school board meeting to present Athletic Director Mike Briguglio with a donation raised by the club to help support high school athletics for FHHS' continued supported of pickleball and the local club. (excerpted from Fountain Hills Times 4-20-2011 issue)

Claire Keyworth and Mike Briguglio (Photographer:  Greg Woo)  Claire Keyworth and Mike Briguglio

April 11-17, 2011:  International Pickleball Week. The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) is pleased to support International Pickleball Week, April 11-17, 2011. A court game of angles and strategies, of position and speed, pickleball is enjoying huge increases in popularity with seniors, school kids and families. During the week starting April 11th, the USAPA will be holding events throughout the United States to celebrate the sport and introduce it to new players.

February 18, 2011:  The Blazing Paddles turned Red for Red Shirt Friday to show support for our veterans. Don't have your red shirt yet?  Call John Pletz at (480) 816-3450.

(Photographer:  John Pletz)  Pickleball Red Shirt Day

February 15, 2011:  Participants in the Pickleball Mini Camp, Feb 1 to Feb 15.

(Photographer:  Claire Keyworth)  Mini Camp 2011

Rear, L to R:  Coach Joe Nelson, Janice Power, Ed Powers, Marilyn Romaley, Allen Romaley, Sam Jenkins
Front, L to R:  Kelly Ray, Cathy Harrison, Colette Modic, Peggy Hatch

February 1, 2011:  Peggy Hatch became Member 100 for the current season. Claire Keyworth awarded Peggy a bottle of our famous Blazing Paddles wine. Congratulations, Peggy, and welcome to the Club!

Claire Keyworth and Peggy Hatch (Photographer:  Greg Woo)  Claire Keyworth and Peggy Hatch, Member 100

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